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Christopher Chabreck, C.P.

Certified Prosthetist and Mandeville Office Manager

Chris has been a valuable member of the Coastal Orthotics & Prosthetics team since the beginning. He was certified in prosthetics at Northwestern State University in 2002 and is also certified with the American Board of Certification for Orthotics & Prosthetics. As a practitioner he constantly creates exceptional custom orthotics and prosthetics which focus on the specific needs of each individual. Chris prides himself on giving each patient the opportunity to regain independence and mobility.

“I’ve never been able to pick one favorite success story, as every patient is equally as important. I always seek to help our patients turn a tragedy into a triumph and overcome every obstacle in their path with pride and dignity.”

What to Expect.

Coastal Orthotics & Prosthetics is committed to making your life easier and more fulfilled. Our highly trained and experienced staff will develop a customized plan to meet your prosthetic or orthotic needs. Our goal is to help provide a better quality of life for all of our patients.

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Patient Testimonials

Coastal Orthotics & Prosthetics has a proven record of customer satisfaction as we have helped hundreds of patients overcome the loss of a limb with custom-fitted orthotics and prosthetics. Here are some of their stories as they have persevered with courage and grit.

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