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Prosthetic Services

Coastal Orthotics & Prosthetics provides prosthetic services for lower and upper extremity amputees of all ages and abilities. Our professional staff has more than 20 years of experience in the field of prosthetics. Our staff will work with you and your medical professional team to offer the most up to date technologies to help you meet your goals and obtain a positive outcome.

After a complete evaluation of each individual's unique needs, a prosthesis will be designed, fabricated, fit, and aligned to optimize the patient’s function and ability. All prostheses are custom fabricated onsite in our Coastal Orthotics & Prosthetics lab. We base our success on our patients' ability to regain independence and mobility.

Coastal Orthotics & Prosthetics strives to offer the best follow up care available which sets us apart from any other company in the area.

Lower Extremity Prostheses

  • Above-knee (transfemoral, hip or knee disarticulation) prosthesis, including microprocessor knees and all types of socket designs and feel
  • Below-knee (transtibial) prosthesis including microprocessor feet and all types of socket designs
  • Partial foot prosthesis

Upper Extremity Prostheses

  • Partial hand prosthesis
  • Below elbow (transradial) prosthesis, myoelectric and body powered
  • Above elbow (transhumeral, shoulder disarticulate) prosthesis, myoelectric and body powered

What to Expect.

Coastal Orthotics & Prosthetics is committed to making your life easier and more fulfilled. Our highly trained and experienced staff will develop a customized plan to meet your prosthetic or orthotic needs. Our goal is to help provide a better quality of life for all of our patients.

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Patient Testimonials

Coastal Orthotics & Prosthetics has a proven record of customer satisfaction as we have helped hundreds of patients overcome the loss of a limb with custom-fitted orthotics and prosthetics. Here are some of their stories as they have persevered with courage and grit.

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